Our team

Who will guide you through this process?

You will be supported by a dedicated team of people who are focused on responding to your needs and questions throughout the whole process, a team that will be there to ensure that you have all the information and appropriate settings to be evaluated on yours skills and experience in a respectful manner.


Johanne Laroche will be your RAC counsellor and your go to resource person throughout the  whole process. She will act as a liaison with the different program evaluators you will be meeting with. She will accompany you through the admission procedures and the evaluations you will undertake. She will discuss your strengths and needs, and help you go from there. Johanne was trained as a guidance counsellor with a passion for trying new ways and methods that best fit the candidates’ needs and skills.


The Program Evaluators are professionals in the field of the program you have chosen. They are there to observe your skills in action! They will guide you through any adjustments you may need in your assignments and for your one-on-one interviews.