Free French as a Second Language courses for working people

The Intercultural and International Education Centre offers part-time French as a Second Language classes to workers. These classes are completely free of charge.

These courses are offered at various locations during the day, the evening and on weekends and are intended for individuals at all levels and in all employment categories.

The classes are adapted to the participants’ work situation and are offered free of charge (course materials included).

Eligible clientele

All employees* of an eligible company (see below).

*Employees with "work permit" or "international student" status are not eligible for this program.

Eligible Companies (located on the island of Montreal only)

  • Private companies
  • Cooperatives
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Properly constituted employee organizations
  • Day-care centers (CPE)

Ineligible Organizations

  • Any business located outside of the island of Montreal
  • Government of Quebec or Canada departments, municipalities and organizations
  • Companies and organizations financed over 50 % by public funding, except for those belonging to the sector covered by theComité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre de l'économie sociale et de l'action communautaire and non-contracted private hospital centres for long term care

Training Sites


Classes are scheduled for three hours per week over a 15-week period.
Two kinds of schedules are available: during the week (day or evening) or Saturday (day only).
Groups are formed if the registration is sufficient (approximately 10 people).
As we receive new registrations at all times, we start new groups when we have enough registrations.


We offer six different levels (A to F):

Levels A and B focus on oral communication ;
Level C focuses on oral communication and the basics of written French and
Levels D, E and F focus on written French.

In order to assess their level of competence in French, newly registered participants will take a placement test over the telephone after registering.


If the company is eligible, you must download registration forms:

Registration form for the employer (Word)


There are two (2) forms to complete. The business eligibility form must be completed by your human resources manager or supervisor

Please print, complete and sign BOTH forms then send us the scanned documents (PDF) to: or by fax at 514-733-3131.

Please send us the two (2) duly completed forms at the same time.

Information: francaislangueseconde@collegemv.qc.ca514 733-3232, ext. 4114